Monday, 30 April 2012

Pelion (Part II: Scorpions & Psychadelic Bars)

It turned out to be a really long day when the storm blew in. Rain and more rain brought everyone that was staying at Iris Apartments into the reception area. Those that had children, including us, let them loose. What else could a parent do? After a few hours of this those that didn't have children sought shelter in the rooms. On that day the reception was a virtual playroom for a bunch of children who woke up with a lot of energy. It was nice that other families with children were staying at Iris. I think the last thing a parent wants is to be stuck in one of those hotels that don't take kindly to children's innocent playfulness. All the staff didn't seem to mind one bit and actually seemed to enjoy children running around.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Pelion (Part I: Finding Tsagarada)

We're high up in the densely forested mountains of Pelion. It took a lot of winding mountain roads to get here but we made it. Currently it's 7:00 am and a strange fog is rolling in. Because we've been in Athens for so long without a real chance to escape into the countryside seeing fog is a somewhat strange and mystical sight, especially up here.  For reasons unknown I woke up early and decided now would be a good time to do some Blogging. Besides, it looked like my wife and son wanted to do some sleeping in. OK, to be honest there are other reasons for getting up so early, but Blogging was one of them.

Since a few days have already elapsed I guess I should start at the beginning. I'm guessing this is OK to do when Blogging, as I'm thinking this is something between Twitting and writing a column for a newspaper? Remember I'm the new guy so if I haven't got it right I'm sure someone will let me know eventually. Anyway, after the mad morning rush to get on the road and on our way we finally made it out the door around noon. It was a late start but what else could we do? The baby had to be feed, which is something like preforming a surgery, and we had to fill up the car with gas. Filling up wouldn't have been so bad if gas wasn't 1,91 a liter! You heard me correctly my American friends, 1.91 Euros a liter. So it was that finally when baby and car were full we were off.

With the baby sleeping and the roads being open we were quite lucky on this part of the journey. Looking back, there were only a few intermissions of crying and heavy rain, something that turned a four and a half hour trip into nearly six hours. I think one of the biggest delays we ran into was asking a guy on a motorcycle in Volos how to get to Tsagarada (our final destination). While giving us directions I think the guy could see we were having a hard time taking them all in so he told us we could follow him on his bike and he would get us in the right direction. Once he got us going in what he said was the "right direction" I asked him how far Tsagarada was before we parted. His response was, "20 minutes." We gave him so much praise till we found out there was a much shorter way. The way the motorcycle guy told us to go was the one hour way, where as there is a coastal road that's about half that time, so we were told. Regardless, I believe his way was the most scenic which led us to snowy mountain peaks littered with emptied ski resorts (Chania) and down into dense jungle-like forest.
Through Chania

Through Chania

Down the mountain from Chania

Down the mountain from Chania

Down the mountain from Chania

One of the many waterfalls/rivers you'll see on the way to Tsagarada if you take the motorcycle guys route

Friday, 13 April 2012

To Blogg or not to Blogg

Well, here we are. This is what happens when everyone tells you Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Trip Advisor, Flickr, Tumbler, Stumble Upon (I'm sure I left some out) aren't good enough to stay "connected". This has always fascinated me as I'm usually doing something on the computer for 8 plus hours a day. My question is, "How much more connected do i need to be?" Personally I'd rather be out there with a group giving a tour and having a few laughs.