Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Pelion (Part III: 300 Year Old Mansions & Saying Goodbye)

The sun was out and the weather was near perfect as we got back on the winding mountain road to get to Makrinitsa.We had another late start and had to abandon our search for the old steam train. But I asked a local before we left Tsagarada and he said that we could always catch it near Makrinitsa, so off we went. Fate would have it that we took a slightly different route, unknowingly of course, that led us to the very top of Chania to where the ski lifts were. But this was quite nice because the road was free and clear. It was also really beautiful to see the Spring sunlight reflecting off the embankments of snow piled high on the side of the road. Eventually the road led us back into the dense forest, then to a mountain road  where we followed a panoramic view of Volos below.  Our son, lucky again for us, slept most of the way.
On the way to Makrinitsa we caught many glimpses of Volos in the valley below.