Sunday, 10 June 2012

The Lost Cities of Greece

So, it’s been awhile since our last blog. What can I say? Peak season in Greece hasn’t given any of us much time to think, let alone write blogs. On the personal side of things my wife and I (mainly my wife) have been making the final arrangements for our son’s baptism which is turning out to be something like a wedding. In Greece they don’t play around with baptisms or weddings, but definitely not baptisms. 

Because the baptism will take place on the Greek Island of Lemnos I have been left in Athens to fend for myself. So far it’s not been so bad. The only problem I seem to be encountering is that since I don’t have a lot of time to do simple domestic things, like cooking, I find myself eating out a lot, which wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t souvlaki and pizza all the time. I suppose I’ll have to try and make better eating choices until things get back to normal.

During this time of momentary separation I’ve found a little extra time to whittle away at my leisure. My problem with this is that I have absolutely no idea what to do with this “free time”. This all changed when a good friend of mine started giving me suggestions of places close to Athens to visit; places I have never heard of before. The funny thing about his suggestions was that he had never been to most of the places he was suggesting to me! By accident or whatever he had heard about a particular place from someone else, who in turn had never been either but had heard about it from someone else (I hope you see where I’m getting at). “But the sites have to have two things,” I said, “1) These places must have some sort of Archeological Site 2) A beach near-by would be nice.” So here we are with a new series of blogs entitled, “Lost Cities of Greece”.

OK, OK, they’re not actually lost cities anymore, but they are places that I would venture to say are rarely visited and virtually unheard of. As with all the blogs I’m writing I will include links for further reading, so just point-and-click. I’ll also do my very best to provide you with as much information as I possibly can on how to get to these magnificent places. However, due to the obscurity and utter remoteness of these sites you probably won’t have any other option but to take a taxi (expensive) or to rent a car for a day (30-40 euros). 

I hope you'll enjoy this first blog in the series, and hope you’re having a GREAT summer wherever you may be!

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