Sunday, 6 January 2013

Lost Cities of Greece Part V: Frachthi Cave

Disclaimer: O.K., for all my nerds out there I know that Franchthi is a settlement and not necessarily a city, but after visiting it I just had to include it here. Hope you enjoy!

Mike strolled in one morning with that familiar grin on his face and took his normal seat in the office. "Guess whose got 2 tickets to see The Rhime of the Ancient Mariner preformed by Fiona Shaw at the ancient theater of Epidaurus? Are you game?"
I looked up at Mike and began to laugh. "Am I game," I asked, "of course. Name the day and time and I'm there."

The day of the show just so happened to correspond with some down time at the office so going to the performance didn't seem to be a problem. I fact, I had a few days following the day of the performance where not much was happening at the office so Mike and I decided to turn it into a 2 day road trip.
"You know," I said to Mike, "I don't think he's much into performances but Lil' Martin, the English photographer, might want to come along. It'd be fun to bring him along and I'm sure he'd be able to take some amazing pictures along the way."